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Carmichel School
Spanish Mandarin Christian Montessori.
Carmichel School
Spanish Mandarin Christian Montessori.
Carmichel School
Spanish Mandarin Christian Montessori.


Welcome to a world of profound respect for children…
A world where children learn to love learning…
A world that stimulates a sense of wonder in children… 

Spanish Immersion

Spanish is the most popular language parents want their children to learn. It is the second most widely spoken language in the world--an absolute must for our future world leaders.

Montessori Education

We may be biased, but in our experience, the Montessori method is the best approach to educating the whole child. We have been using the Montessori philosophy exclusively since 1959.

Mandarin Chinese Immersion

Mandarin is the second most popular language parents want their children to learn. It is the most widely spoken language in the world--an absolute must for our future world leaders.

Christian Values

In this current climate, the family unit, the very building block of society, is at great risk. Can anything be more important than raising our children with correct principles?

Most parents who bring their child to us say that their only regret is not having found us sooner. Once your child has been with us for even a day, you will see a marked improvement in their own motivation to learn, their social skills and their language skills. From that point on you will witness milestone after terrific milestone in all areas of your child’s learning. You will be amazed that your little one can progress so quickly! The earlier they start, the better…



Included in Tuition

Spanish & Mandarin

Our promise to you is that your child will demonstrably understand directions in approximately four weeks or less, speaking children will be able to effectively communicate in eight weeks or less, speaking children will be fluent in six months or less, IN BOTH SPANISH AND MANDARIN! The only aspect of the Montessori method we do not adopt is the idea of the teacher being a silent presence.  We talk a LOT for the purpose of teaching the languages, and we encourage your child to do the same. This is the only way a child can be guaranteed to learn another language. 

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Hear what other parents are saying about Carmichel School…

See what I can do night never gets old and never ceases to impress us. It's amazing how much the children can do at such a young age! Thank you for all you do.
Yolanda Lara
Gabriella’s Mom
This great school has provided Kinley with a supportive and nurturing community while providing her with the freedom to develop and learn at her pace. We are grateful to the caring teachers and to the little people who she calls her first friends in life. From a 20 month old who was struggling with speech, Kinley is now excelling in kindergarten. We are so pleased with the foundation and confidence that she has gained at the school.
Denise Teagle
Kinley’s Mom
I would definitely recommend Carmichel School! Señorita Yasmín has been a wonderful and caring teacher to my 17 month old son. He loves her and he loves to go to school every day; he gives her a hug as soon he sees his guide in the morning. It's so wonderful to see teachers touch the hearts of little ones.
Jeanette Pratt
Keller’s Mom
Great school and teachers. Señora Elena is fabulous. She is so nice and patient! She takes care of every child like her own child. She puts a lot efforts into the school and creates a lot fun learning for kids.
Josie Barney
Abby’s Mom
My husband and I have been very happy with this school, particularly with Señora Jeanette. She is super professional and yet enthusiastic, fun and approachable, and the culture and administration of the school is strong. We also strongly recommend Señorita Beatriz, who works with our daughter. She is very caring, knowledgeable, passionate and extremely committed, and we are lucky to have her.
Amanda Casey
Cole’s Mom
I am so very thankful for all of the teachers & staff at your school. Michael has been delighted with his new school and Randy & I both feel that the teachers and other children were so wonderful to him and worked hard to make him feel at home and fit right in. A very heartfelt THANK YOU for the time, attention & care you all provide on a daily basis. We are truly blessed that our family gets to be a part of the Carmichel family.
Gloria Navarro
Michael’s Mom
I just wanted to share that Bailey just read her first chapter book today--in Spanish! She of course also reads in Chinese! Thank you for teaching her to read at such a young age! And thank you for instilling in her a love for books and for learning! This picture is when Bailey was just learning. Fast forward just two years and look at her go! I can't thank you enough!
Camille Bishop
Bailey’s Mom
Koda is soaring in every way. His social skills are those of a five-year-old. He shares everything and is compassionate with his baby cousin. I can't wait for his little cousin to come to the school. I recommended it highly...
Denise Teagle
Koda's Mom


Chinese New Year craft activity (Poppies)

The children loved making these so much last year! Señorita Carmen really knows how to keep them entertained! They learned even more about the Chinese culture and really gained an even deeper appreciation for it--especially the dim sum!

January 20, 2023 @

9:30 am – 12:30 am

8892 W State Highway

Copperton, UT 84006



Last day to register without a rush fee if you would like your child to start school on January 2nd.


First day of school for academic year ending May 2023.

20 JANUARY, 2023

Chinese New Year Celebration 9:30am to 12:30pm.